Home office: creating a productive workspace

Home office: creating a productive workspace

Telework has reached unprecedented levels, so having a home office minimally prepared to respond to your needs is essential to feel motivated and committed to the work to be done.

In this sense, creating a well thought out, organized and correctly decorated space inspires creativity, well-being and productivity. And that's why paying attention to certain details is essential - the results will be very positive. 

It doesn't matter if you have a specific room to create your home office, or if you have to adjust to any available corner, these tips fit in any situation.


6 tips for creating a home office productive

Space, light, materials: everything counts when it's time to work and we need to have the best possible conditions.

1. Quiet place

If you have a division that can serve as an office, then that's great, because it makes the task easier. However, this is not a possibility for most people and, as such, it is necessary to work with what you have and, often, make small changes and adapt some corner, to make room for the home office.

If that's the case, then choose the place where you think you can be more comfortable and have more and better working conditions, be it the bedroom, the living room or even the kitchen. Remember that you will be spending many hours there, so comfort is precisely the watchword.

2. Ergonomics: a word to consider

Having a workplace that is ergonomically suitable is more difficult than you think. Make a mistake if you think you only need a table and a chair to work – your body will complain about it even after a few days in unsuitable conditions.

In addition, adopting an incorrect position can bring pain and other problems to your body posture, which may require medical intervention, such as the famous low back pain.

To assemble the home office, these are the rules to keep in mind:

  • The screen should be at eye level or slightly below;
  • The keyboard should be positioned so that your forearms are parallel to the floor and your wrists are straight;
  • Your chair must allow full back support;
  • You should sit so that you can place your feet firmly on the floor or on a support, so that they form a 90° angle.  

3. Don't forget to organize the space

An organized work environment allows you not to be distracted by unnecessary things and not waste time looking for something when you need it. For this, it is essential to have places to store documents, pens, electronic equipment, so that they are not simply laid down randomly.

4. Consider storage spaces

Following the previous tip, it is important to think of a place to store your work materials and not leave everything in sight on your desk, robbing you of important space to work at ease. If you have children at home, this is especially important, as this prevents them from going through your things and an accident from happening.

We are talking about cabinets, shelves, shelves and organizer boxes, just to give a few examples.

5. Lighting must be functional

Working at home means being alert and comfortable, and for that, the issue of lighting is very important, especially for your visual health.

Yellow lights provide a feeling of warmth and relaxation and white lights are more functional and ideal in spaces where we need more attention. However, try to use natural light whenever possible. In addition to being healthier for our eyes, it is completely free.

6. The importance of color

It was probably a condition I hadn't even thought of, but the color of the walls and that predominates in the decoration of the space where it has its home office is extremely important. This is because colors influence our way of being, positively and negatively.

So, keep in mind that:

  • Light tones provide a feeling of tranquility;
  • Vibrant colors encourage creativity;
  • Dark shades can be excessively tiring for the eyes.


Indispensable items for your office

At Brasão Rosa you will find many of the products that will help to equip your home office, in order to have everything you need for productive and motivated working hours.

Take note.

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