Gift wrapping: the most beautiful and original suggestions

Gift wrapping: the most beautiful and original suggestions

If you lack creativity when wrapping presents, Brasão Rosa will give you a hand and show you excellent, original and beautiful examples.

In addition, in our online store you will find many accessories to make each gift a real work of art, which will move all your friends and family. After all, Christmas is precisely that: putting love and commitment into everything we do and say.

We know that it will take some work, but believe that the final result will be very worth it.

Creative ideas for wrapping Christmas presents

Thus, you will be able to raise the quality of your packages in a simple way and with many items and accessories that you have at home. What you don't have, you already know that you can buy it at Brasão Rosa's online store.

1. Natural elements

Take advantage of one of your outdoor and nature walks to collect dry leaves, tree branches, pine cones or flowers, because they will be the final touch of refinement you are looking for.

In addition to being an environmentally sustainable attitude, because you are taking advantage of items that already exist and that are biodegradable or natural, its use will make no wrapping equal. And it's so special to receive something unique, don't you think?

2. Kraft paper

O kraft paper is one of the most used papers for those who have already joined the trend to innovate in Christmas wrapping. Its use allows for an infinite series of complements, whether with satin ribbons, with a cord, with stamps, with drawings, with words written by you...

3. Fabric

If you have scraps of fabric at home that you don't use and don't know what to use for them, it's time to take them out of the drawer and give them a very special use: to wrap Christmas presents, of course.

Who says fabrics, says pieces of clothing that you no longer wear because they are worn out, curtains that have seen better days, pillowcases that no longer match the room's new decor…

4. Newspapers and magazines

These sheets of paper also result in very original and unique gift wrapping. You can thus give a second life to these pages that one day informed you and another moment will serve to entertain.

5. Cartridge bags

You probably never thought that this kind of bags could have this utility, but the truth is that you'll be able to use them to place your presents and, thus, surprise family and friends.

Of course it cannot offer without any customization. So, be inspired by other ideas that we've already shared here and finish each package so that it is easily identifiable to whoever it is intended for.

6.Paper Naperons

You paper naperons make an excellent base for cakes, that's for sure. But they also work very well in plain, monochrome paper wrapping. You can glue them like this, as they are, or fold and cut out at strategic points, if you're good at handicrafts.

7. Children's drawings

If you have five-and-a-half span artists at home, then ask them to help with this task. They will love to participate in the gift-wrapping process and will all be proud of the result achieved. They can draw a picture, but also write a sentence that symbolizes what they feel for the recipient.

Once the artwork is finished, you only need to place a little bow to give that extra shine.

Everything is taken advantage of, nothing is exhausted: this is the mentality to follow when thinking about gift wrapping and you are out of ideas. We hope our suggestions are very helpful.

Merry Christmas!

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