Office Cleaning: Getting It Right Has Never Been More Important

Office Cleaning: Getting It Right Has Never Been More Important

The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to be more careful with office cleaning processes. We have useful and practical tips to share with you on this topic. Everything so that you feel safe and provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment so that all employees can carry out their work in the best possible way and without fear.

In addition, a clean and organized workspace is essential for concentration and productivity, as it allows each person to focus on what is really important: helping to drive the company to success.

To this end, it is essential that each employee also does their part, so that, later, the cleaning services leave everything to shine.

6 tips for flawless office cleaning

As usual in any cleaning process, all spaces and materials must first be organized. Only then can you start cleaning. Take note.

electronic equipment

The keyboard accumulates dust, as well as monitors, mice and other electronic devices. As such, it is important to instill the policy that each employee is responsible for the correct maintenance of the equipment that is intended for them.

The correct way to clean the keyboard is using products and microfiber cloths suitable.


This care should be extended to the rest of the desk, which should be, whenever possible, organized and clean, free from crumbs – something very common for those who usually eat in front of the computer.

This is a daily care, under penalty of accumulating germs and bacteria that are harmful to health.


We spend so many hours sitting at work, so keeping the chair clean and in good condition is a key part of office cleaning.


The glass in the doors, tables and windows are also part of the office cleaning tasks, although it must be done by the cleaning team and not by its employees. It is important to keep the windows clean so that as much natural light as possible enters the office, thus avoiding having to resort to artificial light.

trash bin

Ideally, garbage should be separated, that is, recycling paper, plastic and metal and glass, as this is something that we must all do, for the sake of the well-being of the environment and the resources existing on the Planet.

Then, keep in mind that, in order to clean the office correctly, these containers must be emptied frequently, so as not to accumulate garbage or unpleasant odors.

Carpets, Carpets and Curtains

These materials are common in offices and contribute to its decoration, in addition to meeting other facilities, such as privacy and comfort. However, they are not without problems, as they accumulate different types of dirt and dust that can aggravate those who suffer from allergic or respiratory symptoms.  

Therefore, they must be vacuumed frequently and washed, at least twice a year, in the transition from the cold to the hot season and vice versa.

Safety rules to be retained

Cleaning an office involves more than soap and water, as you know. So it is important to be careful, especially when using certain Chemicals, as they can be dangerous not only on contact, but also on inhalation.

First of all, you must always respect the instructions for use. Second, it must be properly equipped, with gloves, protective gown and even mask.

In addition, it must also provide an appropriate place for the respective storage of materials, properly ventilated.

Another aspect to take into account is the frequency with which cleanings are carried out. Establish daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly routines, according to the needs of your office, its size and the number of people who attend it. As well as the time when these procedures will be carried out: in order not to disturb the work of other employees, cleaning must be done before or after office hours.

The care to be taken when cleaning the office is essential to keep your team, and consequently your company, safe and with the proper working conditions.  

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