Pink Coat: everything you need for your business to work

Pink Coat: everything you need for your business to work

It has never been more important to have an organized and well-structured business. With the products available on the online store pink coat success will be even closer.
The reasons that drove the foundation of the company Brasão Rosa are the best example of how the vicissitudes of life can lead us to the realization of dreams and successful projects.
Keeping this premise in mind, one of our main goals is to help each client, each partner to achieve more and better results. For this, there are a series of goods and equipment necessary to boost your business, as well as to keep your employees motivated and always safe.
Safety is, in fact, one of the priorities of today, both in personal and professional life. Living in a pandemic seems like a scenario only visible in Hollywood series and movies. But this is really our reality, so the word adaptation should start to be part of our daily lives – if it hasn't already.
At the Brasão Rosa online store, you can find cleaning products, gloves and even face masks, the accessory that has been part of our lives. But not only. Take note.

Discover the product categories of Brasão Rosa

Products with the Brasão Rosa quality seal are divided into different categories, to make it easier to find everything you need. You can also put the article name you need in the search box.

Food Consumables

In this section find coffee capsules for different types of machines, birthday candles, granulated sugar, aluminum foil and cling film for culinary use, edible paper, plates, candles and decorations for cakes and even sticks for kebabs. Products that can be purchased by companies as well as by individuals, who want to give free rein to their culinary skills.

Consumables and office supplies

Rolls of printer paper, photocopy paper, post-it pads, ink cartridges, correction pen, pen that checks counterfeit notes, file folders, tape… A veritable panoply of office supplies so that all employees always have at hand the essentials for a job well done and with maximum organization.

Aluminum packaging and products

At aluminum shapes they are increasingly part of our lives, largely due to the increase in take-away food options, but also due to the increase in areas covered by food delivery applications, such as Uber Eats and Glovo.
This type of material allows customers to receive their favorite food in the safety and comfort of home and allows entrepreneurs in the catering sector to continue to develop the business that is adequate to the imposed rules.

Packaging and Paper Products

Get ready to spend some time navigating the menu of packaging and paper products, because the variety of items is huge and the hard part will be choosing what you need, because, if you notice, everything is missing.
We are talking about pizza or cake boxes, thermal labels on a roll, hand towels, kraft bags, kitchen rolls, paper plates and naprons, cardboard cups, napkins or even toilet paper. These items are lacking in our homes, but especially in the catering world.
In addition, your life will be even easier when shopping at Brasão Rosa, since what you need is just a click away.

Plastic packaging and products

We have a very complete and varied set of packaging and other plastic products Suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, patisseries, bakeries and even at home.
Examples of this are: disposable aprons, shoe protectors, bags with and without handles, food packaging, straw, trays, cutlery, cups or plates, among others.

Cleaning equipment material

In this section Gloves, microfiber cloths, protective gowns, wipes, soap dispensers, TNT protective suits, brooms, mops or buckets are available from the Brasão Rosa online store.
These are items that keep all surfaces and infrastructure free from germs and bacteria, but also act as a means of protection against the new coronavirus. Deep cleaning has never been so important. We are aware of this and we want to help you achieve excellence.

Biodegradable products

Concern for the environment and sustainability is also part of Brasão Rosa's core values. And, in this sense, we consider it important to also have more eco-friendly item options available. And it is in the section of biodegradable products who finds them.
As such, know that here you can purchase boxes to transport various foods, including hamburgers, cups, wooden cutlery, napkins made from recycled paper, paper straw or dishes made from sugar cane.

Disposable and geriatric products

Knowing that the elderly population is the most vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases, including COVID-19, the respective protection and care is one of the biggest issues to pay attention to today.
Therefore, the use of certain materials is considered as fundamental, namely, mask, gloves, protective suit, incontinence diapers, mattress protectors and dressings.

Plastic and paper bags

Whether for practical day-to-day uses, such as garbage bags or plastic bags for transporting goods, or to put a gift, as you can do with the paper bags available at Brasão Rosa, this section it is equally deserving of your visit.

Other products 

Despite so many categories, there are still available other type of products more related to security in general and who will realize how fundamental they are. We are talking about fire extinguishers, infrared thermometers, matches, armbands, baby changing facilities, disposable towels, cloth bags, lamps.

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