Our history

A short summary

This is a short summary to make known to the esteemed partners, customers, suppliers and friends of Brasão Rosa, the real reason for this company.

In 2005, Fernando Amaral had just become blind, starting a journey through the desert, psychologically and aimlessly.

In early 2008, Fernando Amaral ended up accepting his blindness, having attended an intensive computer course for the blind, as well as a mobility course using a cane for the blind.

In mid-2008, convinced that he could find a job to occupy his time and earn something more in terms of income, to be able to help with the family's expenses, a job that, given his incapacity, he could not envision.

Faced with this, he decided to create a project and set up his own business, despite knowing the barriers he would face, due to the fact that he was blind. In July 2008, when doing some tests at the request of her family doctor, Dr. Zélia, 2 tumors of some size were diagnosed, one in the adrenal and the other in the pancreas.

He was immediately seen by the surgeon, Isabel Aleixo, who informed him of the risk of the same tumors, namely that of the pancreas, as he already had about 9 cm. Scared, since his sister, mother and niece had already died because of the so-called “pancreatic cancer” tumors, namely his niece, after undergoing the surgery, after 4 months she would eventually die.

So he asked for 24 hours to be able to reflect and bring his family together. In August 2008, Fernando Amaral and his tireless wife Rosa Brito, in a second meeting with the surgeon, decided not to wait any longer and placed in the hands of Dr. Isabel, with her unshakable faith in the guides of light and in God, they decided to undergo surgery immediately, as they believed they would overcome this difficulty, which for all family and friends was at risk.

Mostly, during hospitalization, they lost hope in their continued life. On the 9th of January 2009 he was discharged, after having undergone several surgeries, dozens of blood transfusions, having gone through several comas, there he ended another stage of his life from which he wants to open the most true compliments and thanks, in first place to his wife Rosa, children, family and friends, who accompanied him during this phase.

But, he praises and thanks Dr. Isabel Aleixo, for all the long hours of follow-up during the approximately 6 months he was hospitalized, without forgetting the rest of the team, namely nurses and assistants and, a good thing to his family doctor , Dr. Zelia.

In 2010, Fernando Amaral, already recovered, stubbornly decides to go ahead with the Brasão Rosa project and reiterates that only with his faith in God and the support of the light guides will he be able to succeed in this project.

Brasão Rosa derives from 2 meanings: the 1st by the fact that Fernando Amaral considers his wife as a true queen, hence the name Brasão, the 2nd meaning is because his beloved is called Rosa. The combination of the two senses is a tribute to those who, together with him, have been going through his marathons. There was also a need to define a color and a symbol for the Pink Coat image. A coat of arms was then drawn, emphasizing the queen, and given the color orange, considered a neutral and, at the same time, alive as this project was intended to be.

Fernando Amaral had decided that his project would involve marketing disposable and consumable products with high turnover. He had defined that he would have to gain excellent suppliers in order to have good products at the best prices.

He decided that the project would only be solid if it was a family business, in the concept of wife and children. Fernando Amaral on January 9, 2011 started the Brasão Rosa project with the opening of a point of sale in Queluz, Monte Abraão with a vehicle for distribution and hired an employee, having taken the first steps of the Brasão Rosa project.

In 2013 it had gained 782 customers. He then considered that there would be a need to readjust the project. In May 2013 one more employee was hired to support sales via telephone, a new vehicle was purchased for distribution and it was decided to implement a website with a virtual sales store to complement sales, taking advantage of new technologies and to to deal with deliveries at national level, a company was contracted for distribution. In July 2013 it was verified that the Brasão Rosa project was successful. Invoicing for the year 2012 compared to the year 2011 had increased by 22%. Taking into account the crisis factor that we are going through, at national level, this success is considered by many to be of excellence, namely the banks, by awarding us a B+ ranking.

Our success is due to our partners and suppliers, our esteemed and distinguished customers and the elements that collaborate internally and externally with Brasão Rosa.


Synthesis written on August 20, 2013