Shipping policy

Shipping Policy:

Depending on various factors, from the time of order, method of payment, etc., orders with delivery in Continental Portugal they are, in about 90% of cases, delivered on the business day following the dispatch.

Regarding the shipping cost, a cost of €6 + VAT is automated for most products, except for specific products, which the commercial platform may calculate a cost of €7, safeguarding the company Brasão Rosa from being able to change the shipping cost of the order before informing the customer of payment details.

On deliveries abroad from Continental Portugal, the value is:

Portugal (Islands)
0-2KG  38.13€
2KG-10KG 41.21€
10KG-20KG 51.66€
20KG-30KG 63.35€
More than 30KG 126.13€

In addition to the costs, the VAT rate




2KG-10KG 20.00€
10KG-20KG 23.00€
20KG-30KG 28.00€



Shipments over 60KG will cost €90