Christmas Table Decoration: Elegant and Simple Tips

Christmas Table Decoration: Elegant and Simple Tips

It doesn't take a lot to prepare the Christmas table decorations. Just perfect the details for an elegant and surprising result. These are details that help to further enhance this already challenging season due to the pandemic context in which we find ourselves.

Christmas is really the family celebration, where love should be the most special gift of all, even if it means distancing – is there after all any greater proof of love than wanting to preserve the health of the elderly or the weakest? It doesn't mean that this is something easy to do.

In fact, after so many months of deprivation, it was at this time that we so yearned to kill homesickness and feel a little bit of normality. Even the restriction measures were eased during this period by the Government, not meaning that everything is already fine.

Therefore, while we cannot return to pre-COVID normality, let us celebrate each moment in the best way possible, let us dedicate ourselves to the small tasks with all our commitment – these are the details that help to calm a sad heart.

5 Christmas Table Decoration Tips

And if the house is already decorated and breathing Christmas spirit in every corner, the table also deserves special attention. Want to know the simplest tricks for an elegant Christmas table decoration? So take note.

christmas colors

First, you must establish which color palette to use. And as it's Christmas, of course we'll recommend the classics, which, by themselves, remind us of this very special time. They are red, green and gold. A Christmas towel, colorful napkins and plates are the most common items.

However, if you like simpler things, you can also incorporate these tones in details, such as decor elements, napkin rings or place markers.

table center

A central arrangement is always a great idea and essential for a table well filled with food and love, of course. You can buy a centerpiece in a commercial area or even in a florist, if you prefer a more natural and sustainable option.

Or, even better, you can use your creativity and create your own centerpiece. Need ideas? Use some twigs or pieces of garland you have at home as a base. On top, you should spread flowers, pine cones, small branches, shiny decorations and scented candles, to give a whole new charm to the space.

classic details

For an elegant Christmas table decoration, the most classic elements could not be missing either. After all, when we subtly combine different decorative styles we have unique results that will surprise everyone.

So choose fine golden silverware, brightly gilded napkin rings, and tall glasses in glass or crystal, according to what is available at home.

You cake displays they are also an elegant and sophisticated piece to display Christmas candy. without forgetting the naprons that add a touch of refinement to the dish where you place the king cake.

natural elements

Christmas table decorations will gain even more beauty if they are filled with natural elements, such as pine cones that can be placed on fabric napkins or used as placeholders. Small tree branches and even dried flowers can help to compose the scene, even if only strategically spread across the table, without big rules.

lights everywhere

And if there's something that can't be missing in Christmas table decorations, it's lights, whether they're artificial or sweet-smelling candles.

Table set and everything is ready to celebrate the most beautiful time of the year.

The Brasão Rosa team wishes you a Merry Christmas.

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