Biodegradable products: how to be more sustainable in 2021

Biodegradable products: how to be more sustainable in 2021

Biodegradable products are an excellent solution to help preserve the environment and thus be able to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle for the new year ahead.

2020 remains marked by a pandemic, which forced us to stop. This time of confinement at home showed the flip side of the coin: how much Nature can rehabilitate itself without human interference. Rivers have never been so clean and animals have never been so free. Therefore, we have to think about how we can change our behavior in order to protect the Planet's future.

And consuming more biodegradable products is just one more way to achieve this. But in the end what does the term biodegradable mean?

Biodegradable means everything that degrades or decomposes naturally and through the action of microorganisms such as algae, fungi or bacteria, causing little or no environmental impact. It is true that the process can be fast or slow, however, fortunately, there are more and more completely natural alternatives, without chemicals in the composition and which decompose quickly.

Another point to be considered in biodegradable products concerns the raw material, which must be, in large part, plant residues from sugarcane, soy and rice.

Know the difference between a biodegradable product and a non-biodegradable product

The main difference between these types of products lies in their composition. In this sense, non-biodegradable products are generally made from petroleum. This feature causes the release of toxic products into the environment, at all stages of the process, from manufacture to decomposition.

This is when the decomposition is done correctly, because unfortunately, there are still many cases of incorrect disposal, causing several products to reach rivers and oceans, as we know so well it happens.

A well-known example of a non-biodegradable product is even plastic, the villain of modern times and whose use has been limited by Governments in all corners of the world.

Why should you use biodegradable products?

Having said all that, the theme of preserving the environment must always be in the spotlight which, as it were, must be a priority for all of us. The use of biodegradable products is a simple action that brings several benefits. Meet some:

  • Allows you to preserve nature's natural resources;
  • Helps to decrease pollution levels;
  • Allows you to reduce the amount of luxury produced;
  • It is a material that decomposes more easily;
  • In its composition there are organic elements, that is, natural biological agents that are capable and responsible for dissipating waste, thus avoiding soil and water pollution.

What can you find for sale at Brasão Rosa?

With the increasing demand for biodegradable products, new product alternatives appear on the market. At Brasão Rosa's online store, we have several options to help your business grow without harming the environment.

Examples of this are our wooden cutlery, such as knives, forks and spoons, whose use is quite prolonged; but also hamburger box made from sugar cane; as plates, cups and bowls.

Will you accept our challenge and be even more sustainable in 2021?

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